Ge ATR prism

  • Coating:3-5μm or 8-12μm T>97%
  • Substrate:Germanium

Product Description

Using the laser absorption spectrum of ATR prism is a fast developing techonoloy of infrared spectrum, and it is also the most widely sampling techinques at present.
It can be tested qualitatively or quantitatively, but requires minimal or no sample preparation. This can greatly speed up the testing and improve efficiency, from the multiple reflection AT to the single reflection ATR, from the normal temperature measurement to measurement of temperature dependence (maximum temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius), from atmospheric pressure technology to high pressure supercritical technology.For size available or customized size, pls contact with our sales for inquiry.

Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Angle
42 14 2 45
50 20 2
52 20 2
52 20 2
60 12 4
68 10 6

Product Parameters

Additional information

Size range

1-600mm / 2-600mm

Diameter tolerance

±0.1mm / ±0.025mm

Angle tolerance

±3' / ±30''

Surface quality

60-40 / 40-20

Surface accuracy

1.0λ / λ/10


3-5μm or 8-12μm T>97%





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