Right Angle Prism For Rock Climbing Glasses

  • Right angle prism uses critical angle characteristic. Efficient internal total reflection of incident light is one of the basic functions of right-angle prism
  • It comes with or withou coating
  • A Right Angle Prism is used to turn or deflect a beam through 90° or 180°. In either case this is achieved by total internal reflection and produces a very efficient broadband reflector.
  • It is important that the incoming beam is collimated and enters the prism at a normal angle of incidence. This is so that total internal reflection can be achieved.

Product Description

  • Optics demonstrations in the classroom setting
  • As part of an optics science project.
  • Laser beam deflection
  • Used in cosumable products, such as rock climbing glasses

Product Parameters

Additional information

Surface Quality


Size range


Diameter tolerance


Thickness tolerance


Angle tolerance




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