Znse powell lens

  • Substrate:CVD Znse

Product Description

The Powell lens resembles a round prism with a curved roof line. The lens is a laser linegenerator, stretching a narrow laser beam into a uniformly illuminated straight line. For sizeavailable or customized size, pls contact with our sales for inquiry.

Product Parameters

Additional information

Size range

1-300mm / 2-300mm / 2-300mm

Diameter tolerance

±0.01mm / ±0.025mm / ±0.01mm

Thickness tolerance

±0.01mm / ±0.025mm / ±0.01mm

Angle tolerance

±5' / ±10'' /±2''

Surface quality

60-40 / 40-20 / 20-10

Surface accuracy

1.0λ / λ/10 λ/20


AR/AR 7-12μm / 10.6μm/ 2-13μm



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