Znse right angle prism

  • Coating:AR/AR 7-12μm / 10.6μm/ 2-13μm
  • Substrate:CVD Znse

Product Description

Right Angle Prisms are typically used to bend image paths or for redirecting lightat 90. Right Angle Prisms produce inverted or reverted left handed imagesdepending on the orientation of the prism. Using two Right Angle Prisms togetheris ideal for image or beam displacement applications, These prisms are alsoknown as image reflection or reflecting prisms 。 Yasi can make high precisionsilicon right prism with low arc second angle tolerance, which can be used forvarious infrared applications, For size available or customized size, pls contactwith our sales for inquiry.

Product Parameters

Additional information

Size range

1-300mm / 2-300mm / 2-300mm

Diameter tolerance

±0.01mm / ±0.025mm / ±0.01mm

Thickness tolerance

±0.01mm / ±0.025mm / ±0.01mm

Angle tolerance

±3' / ±10'' /±5''

Surface quality

60-40 / 40-20 / 20-10

Surface accuracy

1.0λ / λ/10 λ/20


AR/AR 7-12μm / 10.6μm/ 2-13μm



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