K9 BK7 Fused Silica Quartz Optical Biconvex Lens

  • Stock and custom optical lenses are available
  • Coated lenses or uncoated lens substrates for Ultraviolet (UV), Visible or Infrared spectral applications
  • High precision laser lenses and super-polished lenses are offered
  • Ge lenses, Znse lenses, sapphire lenses,silicon lenses for IR appllication are available

Product Description

Optical lenses are designed to focus or diverge light, they can be made of a single piece of glass or have multiple elements.Surfaces of optical lenses may be spherical, aspheric or cylindrical. Optical lenses are widely used in a variety of applications, from life science, laser processing and imaging, to medical, security and defence industries. While Plano-Convex (PCX) or Double-Convex (DCX) lenses focus light to a point, the Plano-Concave or Double-Concave (DCV) lenses are designed to diverge light. Achromatic lenses are used to correct chromatic aberration, and aspheric lenses are designed to correct the aberration from spherical shape.

Product Parameters

Additional information


K9, bk7, quartz, sapphire

Dimension range

from 1mm~300mm in any optical axis

Diameter tolerance


Surface quality

40-20 scratch and dig


±2arc min

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