AR Coated Conical Fused Quartz Prism

  • Pyramid prism is a kind of internal total reflection prism according to the critical angle principle
  • It is not influenced by incident angle and can reflect the incident light by 180 °
  • Any incident light entering clear aperture will be reflected back effectively according to the original direction
  • It uses three 90 ° to reflect the incident beam
  • The precision of pyramid prism is indicated by the angle error (parallelism) between incident beam and emergent beam, which is determined by the vertical precision among three right-angle planes

Product Description

Our company can customize all-metal mirrors in different diameter specifications according to customers’ different requirements and also provides special all-mental mirrors such as punching, trimming, etc.

Product Parameters

Additional information


K9/fused quartz or other crystal material

Dimension Tolerance


Angle Tolerance



1/4 Lambda

Surface Quality


Size range


Thickness tolerance


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