Product Description

Designed for the surveying of high-precision project, it is compatible with various total stations to carry out high-precision surveying, and is widely used in high-precision surveying and mapping for high-speed railway and other field. In conjunction with the total station, orientation and ranging can be carried out. The operational principle is that the total station sends out a laser beam. After calculating the reflection time of corner cube prism, the distance from the total station to corner cube prism can be calculated according to the speed of light. Then the total station can calculate the coordinates of the prism according to the coordinates of the rear view.

Product Parameters

Additional information

Size range

1-600mm / 2-600mm

Diameter tolerance

±0.1mm / ±0.025mm

Thickness tolerance

±0.1mm / ±0.025mm

180° deviation tolerance

±8'' / ±2''

Surface quality

60-40 / 40-20







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