Half Ball Lens

  • Optical Measurement Systems
  • Projection Optics Systems
  • Imaging Optics Systems
  • Astronomical Optics

Product Description

Half ball lenses are used to improve signal coupling between Emitters, Fibres, Transmitters, Receivers and Detectors depending on the application. The hemispheres of the Half-ball lens have uniform light dispersion and are commonly used in high power LED and UV LED, focusing and coupling light.

Our half-ball lenses are made from BK7, B270, Fused Silica, Sapphire, Silicon, Germanium and Znse ect. We can also make custom Half-Ball lenses and alternative materials in a range of diameters.

Product Parameters

Additional information


1~150mm, 1mm,1.5mm, 2mm

Diameter tolerance




surface quality

40-20 scratch and dig

Clear aperture


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