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Calcium fluoride (CaF2) crystals have excellent transmittance between 250nm and 7μm, which is widely used in makingbeam splitters, windows and lenses. lt has good transmittance in ultraviolet, visible and infrared waveband, so it is widelyused in the tielas of laser, ntrared otcs, ultravolet optics and hich energv detectors ect, ther optical proberies is especlallygood in UV waveband. CaF2 is known as the crystal at cut-off waveband of UV at present, therefore it is ideal material forultraviolet laser and ultraviolet optical system, Due to its low absorbance and high damage threshold, it has become an idealchoice for excimer laser optics, The low refractive index of calcium fluoride also enables it to be used without coating. Thehardness of calcium fluoride is as high as 158.3 , strona resistant to mechanical shock and thermal shock.

Types of CaF2 Optics


How Do CaF2 Optics Work?

How Do CaF2 Optics Work?

CaF2 Optics work by utilizing the unique properties of calcium fluoride (CaF2), a material that offers high optical transparency across a wide spectral range. As light passes through CaF2 Optics, it is transmitted with minimal absorption or scattering, ensuring high optical clarity and precision. This allows CaF2 Optics to be used in applications that require accurate light transmission and imaging, such as in optical instruments and scientific research.

What Are the Advantages of CaF2 Optics


Broad Transmission Range: CaF2 optics transmit from UV to IR, ideal for applications requiring a wide spectral range like spectroscopy and lithography.


Low Dispersion: CaF2 exhibits low dispersion, ensuring minimal chromatic aberration for high-quality imaging and laser focusing.


High Laser Damage Threshold: CaF2 optics can withstand high-power laser beams, making them suitable for laser systems and high-energy applications.


Chemical Resistance: CaF2 is chemically inert, offering resistance to acids and bases, enhancing durability in harsh environments.