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Optical Glass K9 Eight Plane Prism Coated Customized

Our Eight Plane Prism is designed for high-precision measurements in a variety of applications. With its eight precisely angled surfaces, this prism ensures accurate reflection and measurement of light beams, making it ideal for tasks requiring precision, such as surveying, alignment, and optical experiments. Its durable construction and high-quality materials guarantee reliability and longevity, providing consistent performance in demanding environments.


Specifications of Optical Glass K9 Eight Plane Prism Coated Customized

Commercial GradePrecision GradeHigh Precision
Size range1-300mm2-300mm2-300mm
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm±0.025mm±0.01mm
Angle tolerance±20±10±2
Surface quality60-4040-2020-10
Surface accuracy1.0λλ/10λ/20
SubstrateOptical glass/glass ceramics /Fused silica

Features of Optical Glass K9 Eight Plane Prism Coated Customized

High-quality optical glass.
Anti-reflective coating.
Sturdy construction.
Good compatibility.
Eight angled surfaces.
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