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CVD zinc selenide (ZnSe) is a chemical inert material with high purity, strong environmental adaptabilitly, and easy processingIts optical transmission loss is small and has good penetration. it is the prioritized chosen material for hich power CO2 laseroptical components, Since the reractive index ot this material is wel unitorm and consistent, it is also idea for makinaprotective window and infrared optics in FLlR thermal imaging system, At the same time, the material is also widely usedn makino window and ens tor mecicalinstrument, the inoustuial thermal raciation measuind instrument and the intrarecspectrometer. Zinc selenide is easy to be scratched, which is not suitable for using in harsh environments (Knoop hardnessis only 120). its transmission spectrum ranges from 120nm to 7000nm and is usually used in thermal imaging systems.Aerospace optical systems and excimer laser optical systems.

Types of ZnSe Optics


What Are the Advantages of ZnSe Optics


Broad Transmission Range: ZnSe optics transmit from visible to mid-IR, suitable for applications requiring a wide spectral range.


Low Absorption: ZnSe has low absorption in the infrared spectrum, ensuring high transmission and minimal energy loss.


High Laser Damage Threshold: ZnSe optics can withstand high-power laser beams, making them suitable for laser systems and high-energy applications.


Ease of Machining: ZnSe is relatively easy to machine, allowing for cost-effective production of complex optical components.