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Sichuan Yas Exhibits at Laser World of Photonics & World of Quantum 2023 in Munich, Germany

Munich, June 27, 2023—Sichuan Yas is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming international exhibition, LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS & WORLD OF QUANTUM 2023, to be held in Munich, Germany. As a leading Asian provider of optoelectronic technology solutions, Yas will showcase its latest innovative products and technologies at this prestigious event.

Sichuan Yas Exhibits At Laser World Of Photonics & World Of Quantum 2023 In Munich, Germany

LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS & WORLD OF QUANTUM 2023 is one of the world’s leading exhibitions in the fields of lasers, photonics, and quantum technologies, attracting scientists, engineers, and professionals from around the globe. The exhibition provides a platform for industry-leading companies to showcase their latest technological advancements and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange within the industry.

As a prominent player in China’s optoelectronic industry, Sichuan Yas has been committed to driving technological innovation and industrial development. Yas boasts extensive experience and exceptional R&D capabilities in areas such as lasers, fiber optics, optoelectronic devices, and quantum technologies. At the exhibition, Yas will present its latest product lineup, including high-power lasers, fiber optic communication equipment, optoelectronic devices, and quantum technology application solutions.

Yas’ exhibition team will engage in discussions with global industry leaders and experts to share technical expertise and explore collaborative opportunities. They will also establish connections with potential customers and partners to explore new business prospects and cooperative projects. During the event, Yas’ dedicated team will showcase their innovative technologies, offer customized solutions, and provide professional consulting services to visitors.

Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Yas, stated, “We are delighted to participate in LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS & WORLD OF QUANTUM 2023. This event offers an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest technologies and products, as well as engage in in-depth discussions with industry leaders and experts. We look forward to expanding our international market, strengthening partnerships, and collectively driving the progress and development of optoelectronic technology.”

Sichuan Yas’ exhibition booth will be located in the main exhibition area, where visitors can learn about the company’s latest products and technologies and have face-to-face interactions with Yas’ professional team. Yas will demonstrate its innovative capabilities and global competitiveness in the field of optoelectronic technology, showcasing the strength and achievements of Sichuan Yas to the world.

About Sichuan Yas: Sichuan Yas is a leading provider of optoelectronic technology solutions headquartered in Chengdu, China. The company focuses on research, development, production, and sales of lasers, fiber optics, optoelectronic devices, and quantum technologies. Yas is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions to its customers and driving industry development through continuous technological innovation.

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