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Sichuan Yas Upgrades Manufacturing Facility and Expands Scale to Meet Market Demands

Meet Market Demands

Sichuan, August 2022—Sichuan Yas has announced the initiation of a manufacturing facility upgrade plan to meet the growing market demands and further enhance production capabilities. As a leading provider of optoelectronic technology solutions in Asia, Yas aims to achieve these goals through the expansion of its manufacturing facility.

Yas has been committed to driving technological innovation and industrial development to meet the needs of global customers. With the continuous growth in demand for optoelectronic technologies in the market, Yas has decided to upgrade its existing manufacturing facility and expand its scale. The upgraded facility will feature advanced production equipment, efficient production lines, and increased research and production resources to address market challenges and opportunities.

The upgrade plan includes expanding the existing factory space, increasing the number of production lines, incorporating advanced automation equipment, and expanding research laboratories and testing facilities. Through these measures, Yas will be able to improve production efficiency, reduce product delivery cycles, and drive continuous technological innovation.

The upgraded facility will provide Yas with increased production capacity to meet the ever-growing market demands. Yas will be able to respond to customer needs more swiftly and provide a greater variety of products and solutions. This will further strengthen Yas’ position as a leader in the optoelectronic technology field and lay a solid foundation for future development.

Chairman Zhang expressed, “The facility upgrade is a significant step for Yas to achieve higher levels of development. We firmly believe that by expanding our scale and enhancing our technological capabilities, we will better meet customer demands and drive progress and development within the industry. We will continue to focus on technological innovation, delivering innovative products and solutions, and creating greater value for our customers.”

The facility upgrade plan by Sichuan Yas has commenced and is expected to be completed gradually over the next few years. This upgrade will bring forth more opportunities and development space for Yas, enabling further expansion into global markets and providing higher-quality products and services.

About Sichuan Yas: Sichuan Yas is a leading provider of optoelectronic technology solutions headquartered in Chengdu, China. The company specializes in research, development, production, and sales of lasers, fiber optics, optoelectronic devices, and quantum technologies. Yas is dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions to customers and driving industry development through continuous technological innovation.