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Delegation from Deyang Municipal Government Visits AS Optics, Exploring the Path of Technological Innovation

(Deyang City, June 27, 2023) – In a bid to promote technological innovation and industrial advancement, a delegation from the Deyang Municipal Government visited AS Optics today. AS Optics, representing the pride of Deyang and the epitome of technological industry, showcased its remarkable achievements and innovations in the field of optics to the government representatives. This visit is expected to foster the development of Deyang's optoelectronic industry, strengthen industry-academia collaboration, and inject new impetus into China's optical industry.

AS Optics is a renowned enterprise in the field of optoelectronics, boasting years of research and development experience and technological expertise. The government representatives gained in-depth insights into AS Optics' product line and technical capabilities during the visit. The company's products are widely applied in areas such as communications, laser radar, medical instruments, and defense, with numerous patents and technological breakthroughs to its credit. AS Optics' cutting-edge technologies have earned it a reputable position in both domestic and international markets, propelling Deyang to the forefront of the optical industry.

Technological Innovation

Throughout the visit, the government representatives had hands-on experiences with AS Optics' advanced equipment and engaged in profound discussions with the technical team. AS Optics' research and development team showcased their latest research outcomes and innovative projects. The government representatives highly praised AS Optics' technological strength and innovative capacity, expressing their commitment to actively support policies that accelerate technology transformation and industrial upgrading.

The visit also fostered deep cooperation between the government and the enterprise. The government representatives held in-depth talks with AS Optics' top management team, discussing the direction of optoelectronic industry development, support for technological innovation, talent cultivation, and other important issues. AS Optics representatives stated that they would continue to increase research investment, consistently improve product quality and technological standards, and make even greater contributions to Deyang's economic development.

The delegation from the Deyang Municipal Government expressed optimism about the future of Deyang's optoelectronic industry following the conclusion of the visit. AS Optics' successful experiences in technological innovation and industrial development provided valuable lessons for Deyang. The government representatives pledged to introduce more favorable policies to encourage local companies to increase innovation investment, assisting Deyang in achieving greater breakthroughs in the field of optics.

The visit concluded successfully, and the delegation from the Deyang Municipal Government returned with fruitful outcomes and high expectations. AS Optics also affirmed its commitment to continue leading with technological innovation, continually propelling the development of the optoelectronic industry, and making even greater contributions to the prosperity of China's optical industry.

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