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Optical Glass K9 Mini Prism Customized

Made from superior K9 glass, this mini prism provides outstanding clarity and resilience, perfect for various applications. It enhances advanced telecommunications systems, integrates seamlessly into consumer electronics, and supports critical medical devices and cutting-edge scientific research. Customized to meet specific needs, this prism ensures exceptional accuracy and performance. Reflecting Yasi's unwavering commitment to excellence, the K9 Mini Prism is engineered to deliver optimal results, making it a reliable choice for your most demanding optical applications.


Specifications of Optical Glass K9 Mini Prism Customized

Commercial GradePrecision GradeHigh Precision
Size range0.5-600mm0.5-600mm0.5-600mm
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm±0.025mm±0.01mm
Angle tolerance±1''±10''±5''
Surface quality60-4040-2020-10
Surface accuracy2.0λλ10λ20
SubstrateK9/Fused silica or other optical glass

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