Zns wedge prism

  • Coating:0.1-0.5mm*45°
  • Substrate:Zns

Product Description

Wedae prism has plane inclined surfaces. it deflects light toward its thicker portion. lt can be usedindividually to deflect a beam to a special angle, Two wedge prisms work together can assembly aranamorphic prism to correct the elliptical shape of laser beam, ihe wedge prism is ideal for laser bearsteering applications. By combining two wedges pf equal power in near contact and independentlyrotating them with angle deviation less than 10 degree, a ray passing through the combination can besteered in any direction with a narrow conelt is applied to optical systems such as infrared imaging olmonitoring, telemetry or infrared spectroscope.For size available or customized size, pls contact withour sales for inquiry.

Product Parameters

Additional information

Size range

1-600mm / 2-600mm / 2-600mm

Length tolerance

±0.01mm / ±0.025mm / ±0.01mm

Thickness tolerance

±0.01mm / ±0.025mm / ±0.01mm

Angle tolerance

±3' / ±10'' /±2''

Surface quality

60-40 / 40-20 / 20-10

Surface accuracy

1.0λ / λ/10 λ/20



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