Infrared inspecition window

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Infrared inspection window is an optical window which can pass through ultraviolet, visible and infraredrays. it can be mounted on the shell of electric cabinet, infrared thermal imager and thermometer arewidely used in electric power system. With infrared Guidelines, the heating fault can be distinquishedeasily by infrared inspection window. All kinds of internal equipments are tested for non-destructivetesting to realize condition based maintenance, lt is convenient for power monitoring personnel to findhidden dangers of high voltage accidents, solve and maintain in time, and prevent high voltage accidentsInfrared inspection window is mainly used for internal temperature measurement of various high voltageswitchaear, metal armoured cabinet, city ring net cabinet and GlS high voltage equipment, Eliminate therisk of high voltage arc accident when the heating imager is checked. lnfrared inspection window is usedto measure the temperature of electric motor iunction box, 6kV switch cabinet and 10kV enclosed busbar for 6kV and 400V fans, pumps, coal mills, belt conveyors, etc, lnfrared window can also be used forinfrared detection of transformer junction box, switch lock, cable tap box and other sealed equipment.

Model no Material Transmittance Short timetest of power-frequency withstand voltag Optic Diameter Required

actual holedia meter

Life Span
YSCW-60A Infrared

composite crystal

≥93%(0.15-14um 15KV 1min 60mm 71mm >10 years
YSCW-75A 75mm 86mm
YSCW-80A 80mm 86mm
YSCW-88A 88mm 97mm
YSCW-100A 100mm 111mm
YSCW-120A 120mm 131mm

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